liquid alcohol filled chocolates

It has taken us over 5 years to finalize this new technology to produce liquid filled pralines without any stabilizers, starch or sugar
crust. We are proud as the only chocolate manufacturer in Africa to produce this liquidamarula-2products. Any liquid alcohol we can combine in our technology and any strength.

In our Factory Shop we have always a variety of liquid filled Chocolates to enjoy: Grappa, Brandy, Rum. Whisky, Amarula, Kirsch (Cherry), Tequila…

Especially for local small distilleries we are the perfect partner to present their quality distillates liquid in dark Swiss chocolate. The ultimate pairing for wine- and distillate shops, promotions or gifts.

Le Chocolatier can supply the perfect dark mixed chocolate to underline a launch or testing of any wine or distillate.

Our experienced sales team will assist you with your needs and guide you to archive the best liquid alcohol chocolate of your choice.